Know Your Rights

If you choose to remain in custody until your court appearance, you are giving up the right to begin mounting a defense against your charge(s). You may also risk losing your home, job, and other important obligations. Those factors may even reflect negatively against you in court. In many cases, the court wants to see if you are an upstanding, constributing member of society that upholds their responsibilites voluntarily.
Source: Jackie Parker - Parker Bail Bonds

Bail Option 3


If you have been granted bail but prefer not to pay the full "face-amount" of your bond, put up personal property or use a bail bonding company, you have the right to wait in custody until your court date where you may be released without any financial conditions. However, even if your stay is temporary, jail conditions can be difficult for defendant's that are awaiting trial and/or sentencing. For example, people serving jail sentences have access to exercise facilities and the jail’s law library, and may be given work opportunities and other privileges. These options may not be available prior to sentencing.

We understand that many people still have important obligations to meet (children, work, school) and cannot afford to be kept away from them, even for a short time. You may also need time to consult with an attorney and being preparing a defense for the charge(s) that are pending. Jail conditions can also be difficult bail out is that jail conditions are normally worse for inmates awaiting sentencing than they are for inmates who have already been sentenced.

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